Mississippi Lake


Coordinates:         45°04′01″N 76°09′56″W
Surface elevation: 134 m ASL
Shore length:        55.9 km

Located in Lanark County, in eastern Ontario, Canada, Mississippi Lake is a series of basins in the Mississippi watershed.  The Mississippi river flows through the village of Innisville and a designated wetland and bird sanctuary, before it widens into a series of "lakes" as it travels northeast.  It becomes a river channel again, flowing through the towns of Carleton Place, Almonte and Pakenham, before emptying into the Ottawa River.

Historically, it was a source of life for nomadic Algonquin families.  Early in the 1800s, the area around the present Carleton Place and Beckwith Township was surveyed and allotted by the Crown to British, Irish and Scottish immigrants and loyalists who moved north from the United States.  Over time, landowners around the perimeter of the lake severed waterfront lots and sold them as recreational properties.  Today, there are approximately 1,200 residential properties around the lake shore.  More than sixty percent of these year-round residences.



The MLA buoy program provides assistance to navigation by deploying approximately 50 buoys during the boating season.  The following map indicates the general location of these buoys.   CAUTION: remain at least 30 meters from these buoys as they indicate shallow water, and their position might vary depending upon weather and currents. 

MLA Buoy Marker Map

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