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2017 President's MessageRob Apr 2017 Sized

President, Rob Bell reviews a busy 2016 and sets new targets for 2017.  Read the full article.

The Mississippi Belle is an online publication of the Mississippi Lakes Association containing news and articles about the lake, its people and its wildlife. Articles are published frequently, as they are written by our contributors and edited, by our Communications group.





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Dave Hands

Doreen Donald, Clare Hands

Doreen Donald, Anne Gourlay-Langlois, Rob Bell, 

Lynn Bell




2016 Loon Census Report

Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists release the 2016 survey of loon population
on Mississippi Lake.

Osprey 3

Predatory Birds on Our Lake:

The Osprey

Doreen Donald takes a close look at the Osprey, one of our native predators.  A healthy Osprey population indicates a healthy lake.

Blackburn Banner MBOL 2017


Frank Roy recounts the origins of the Ottawa Valley Canoe Association and the dramatic events surrounding the Great Regatta on the Mississippi in June of 1902.

From the Air

Russell Holmes takes to the air again in his float-equipped Kit Fox (TJN)* to bring us more dramatic aerial photos of Mississippi Lake.

*See "Tango-Juliet_November in the 2015 edition of the Mississippi Belle (Archives)


Septic Inspection

Rob and Lynn Bell reveal how they learned to love the septic inspector.

BG Algae Claudia Edited

Stewardship of our Lake
Discovering blue-green algae

What is meant when we talk about stewardship of our lake? For me, it means taking care of something we all love and want to enjoy for years to come.

Claudia Baker talks about her experience with blue-green algae and how she plans to make a difference on her Squaw Point Road property.


Shoreline Planting Thumb

Watersheds Canada
"The Natural Edge"

Sometimes referred to as "the ribbon of life" a natural vegetative buffer between us and our lake is a healthy choice for everyone.

Doreen Donald relates her personal experience with Watersheds Canada in developing a shoreline planting program for her new property on Mississippi Lake.

zebra mussels on motor 

Invasive Species

What are they and why are they here?

Doreen Watson-Donald, MLA Board Member and Chair of the MLA Environment Committee, launches a series of articles on Invasive Species.

Part One: Aquatic Vegetation
Part Two: Water Fleas

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