The Mississippi Belle

The Mississippi Belle began as a Word-document newsletter, edited by Rick Kwissa, with contributions from the MLA Board.  Editorially, it tackled issues common to all lake dwellers - water quality, shoreline planting, septic systems and taxation.  In a 2006 article, Rick Kwissa offered two versions of the origin of "The Belle"  One was  a turn-of-the-Century steamer that plied the lake between Carleton Place and Innisville.  The other was Rick's dog, Belle. 

Under the stewardship of Ed Carew, The Mississippi Belle became a full-colour magazine with more articles, more authors and more advertisers.  In 2015, we increased the circulation to 3,000 copies.  It was hand-delivered, on the May long weekend, to 1,200 residences around the lake, the majority of which are now year-round homes.  Roughly 1,800 copies were distributed across the Carleton Place-Beckwith area through our advertisers, at the Carleton Place Home Show and the Bridge Street Bazaar, professional offices, libraries and retailers.

Dave Hands took over from Ed Carew for the 2015 and 2016 editons of the Belle, and carried on the fine tradiition that had been developed over the years.  Unfortunately, all good things eventually come to an end.  With Dave moving on after the 2016 Belle was published, we could not find a successor to assume the Editor duties, even after a prolonged soliciting campaign by the Board of Directors.  Alas, a final decison had to be taken in September 2016, which was to cease publication due to a lack of editorial resources. 

Complete PDF versions of each issue from 2004 to 2016 are archived by the MLA and can be made available on request by contacting the MLA.


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