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5 Nov 2017 - Aircraft Carrier adrift on the lake

NOTE:  as at 27 Nov 2017, no new information has been received regarding this model.  If you think you know who the owner is, please inform the MLA.

A model of an aircraft carrier has appeared on Cooke's Shore (see attached photo). It is about 6' long, made of plywood and does not appear to be motorized. It likely broke free of its moorings as a result of high winds and water levels.  There are no identification markings.  The owner should contact Tanis Cordick for details on how to recover the model.





Lake Links Workshop  Beyond the Shoreline: Science to Stewardship

Saturday, 21 Oct 2017, at the Perth Civitan Hall.  You are most welcome to attend this highly informative forum for discussing how lake health is impacted by EVERYTHING that lies beyond the shoreline.  Agenda and registration details



We are experiencing an abnormally high lake water level for this time of the year.  Although MVCA has terminated its recent Flood Warning on 15 May 2017, it assesses that water levels and flows will be higher than normal for at least the next 7-10 days.  The MLA marker buoys cannot be deployed at these high water levels.  People might wish to consider delaying deploying any boat docks and/or cradles until the lake level returns to normal.

We will delay buoy deployment until the level stablizes at around 134.45 MASL.  The current level is 135.22 MASL, so we will wait for a drop of at least another 77 cm (approx 2.5 ft)  before deploying the buoys.  We will make an update announcement at the AGM on Thursday, and will update the website as water levels drop.  



at Brunton Hall, Beckwith, 7-9pm, 18 May 2017.

Doors will open at 6:30 pm for Membership registration and renewals.

In addition to the regular business of the AGM, there will be a presentation by Watersheds Canada regarding their highly successful Natural Shorelines program, and there will be a vote on a Special Resolution to adopt an updated By-Law #1 for the MLA.   All MLA members are highly encouraged to attend this meeting.

Please review the following documents which will be presented at the meeting:

Nominations for Directors

2017-2018 Proposed Budget

Proposed updated By-Law #1

Special Resolution

 UPDATE:  the AGM took place as scheduled but was disrupted by a power outage just before the mid-point Break.  The meeting Agenda continued nevertheless without the benefit of the slide presentation.   The slide presentation is availalbe as a PDF on the AGM page of this website.



at the Carleton Place arena, 7-9 April 2017.  We will be at the Home Show throughout the weekend.  Come and visit us, and learn about the Lake Plan and the recently completed and highly successful Love Your Lake program. 


4 Nov 16     No new reports have been received.  If anybody has any info to share, please inform the MLA.

16 Oct 16    No further information has been received regarding this raft.

9 Oct 16     A blue and yellow inflatable plastic raft, about ten foot in diameter, has been spotted on Burnt Island between Burnt and Pine Islands on Mississippi Lake.  These islands are located at the East end of the Big Lake, near Ebbs Bay.  The raft was last seen (on 9 Oct 16) lodged in a small cove on Burnt Island, but winds could easily dislodge the raft.  Please advise the MLA if you spot and/or recover this raft.


4 Nov 16       No further reports have been received.  With decreases in temperature as we head into Winter, it is unlikely that there will be further sightings of this bloom. 

16 Oct 16     Water samples from the lake, taken on 7 Oct 16 by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), have confirmed the presence of ANABAENA algae in the bloom.  This species as the potential to produce harmful levels of toxin, but in this particular case, the levels were within safe limits.

Total Microcystins Amount detected was:                       0.2 micrograms per liter.

Ontario Water Quality Standard for drinking water is:      1.5 micrograms per liter.

Health Canada Guidelines for recreational exposure is:   20.0 micrograms per liter.

PLEASE NOTE:  conditions in the lake and river are continuously changing.  You must still exercise caution if you desire to use the lake recreationally.   Contact the Spills Action Centre at 1-800-268-6060 if you detect a bloom in the water, and please take photos if you can.

8 Oct 16      The Health Unit issued an advisory note on 7 Oct 16 regarding a suspected blue-green algae bloom on Lake Mississippi in Drummond North Elmsley Township.  A local report indicates that the bloom was located along Ebbs Bay and Rothwell Shore, however it appears that the bloom has since dissipated. 

MLA will post further bulletins/updates from the Health Unit as we receive them.

Here are two photos of the bloom on 7 Oct 16

DROUGHT CONDITIONS - view the MVCA Statement issued 20 Jun 2016. 

LOW WATER ADVISORY - view the MVCA Statement issued 26 May 2016

Marker Buoys

18 May 2016

Effective today, MLA has deployed the marker buoys on Lake Mississippi for the 2016 boating season.   Please refer to the map on the Home Page (Quick Links) for the general location of the buoys, and to the "Marker Buoy" web page for additional information regarding this program.  The marker buoys will remain in position for the season, and will be withdrawn in October.

The marker buoys are placed near known hazards/rocks in the lake, to assist boaters to navigate safely.    THE BUOYS INDICATE SHALLOW WATER AND UNDERWATER HAZARDS.   KEEP WELL CLEAR OF THESE BUOYS, AND DO NOT NAVIGATE YOUR BOAT THROUGH A GROUP OF BUOYS. 

If you spot a buoy that is drifting, or you think that it is not in its proper position, please contact the MLA and let us know!  We will certainly take action to retrieve the buoys and to return them to their proper position(s).

We are looking for volunteers to join our Buoy Watch Program to assist the MLA in monitoring buoys throughout the boating season.  If you are interested in joining our team, please let us know and we will be pleased to add you to this important team.

Pitch-In Canada program

The Township of Drummond/North Elmsley has registered with the national Pitch-In initiative to "...clean up litter and other garbage from urban, rural and wilderness areas".  The program takes place during the week of 17-23 April 2016.  Please visit the Pitch-In website for further details regarding this wonderful project.  Residents of DNE who wish to participate are requested to contact the municipal office at 613-267-6500, and/or visit the DNE website.

Boat Hoist off Hughes Island

16 Apr 16 - The boat hoist on a floating platform was recovered and returned to its proper location. Thanks to everyone who has helped get the word out!

1 Apr 16 - A boat hoist was reported floating or drifting with the ice along the east shore of Hughes Island.  No further information is available.  If you spot this boat hoist, or have newer information, please inform the MLA and we will add the information here.

6 Apr 16 - FOUND: an aluminum boat lift on floating wooden raft with blue barrels under for flotation. The blue barrels are breaking through the wooden platform.  It is currently secured to the shore along Squaw Point Road.  Please contact Jeff or Gord at Dockmaster (613-253-0437) for further details. 

11 Apr 16 - to date, nobody has come forward to contact MLA or Dockmaster to claim this item. 


 9 Apr 16 - no further information is available, and nobody has contacted us to claim the hoist.  If your boat lift is missing or know somebody who has lost one recently, please contact the MLA or Dockmaster (info provided above) to get further details.

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