Aquatic Vegetation

In a lake environment, vegetation is everywhere.  It's trees, plants in our gardens, grass in our lawns and in the lake itself, aquatic vegetation.  For decades, parts of the Mississippi waterway was choked with weeds or, as we now refer to them, aquatic vegetation.  One of the original functions of the Mississippi Lakes Association was managing weed growth, using a "weed cutter' specifically designed for that purpose.  In the boom years of the timber business on the Mississippi, crews cut weeds in the lake and the channels, to permit the movement of log booms.  Recently, we have seen less aquatic vegetation in many areas, as a result of changes in temperatures and nutrients and the arrival of invasive species.


More about aquatic vegetation:

There are many species of aquatic vegetation to be found in and around Mississippi Lake.

Check out these two handy guides to aquatic vegetation and algae:

From the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority:    Aquatic Plants and Algae

From the MLA, compiled by Jim Tye:   Aquatic Plant Identification Booklet

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