The Mississippi Belle

The Mississippi Belle began as a Word-document newsletter, edited by Rick Kwissa, with contributions from the MLA Board.  Editorially, it tackled issues common to all lake dwellers - water quality, shoreline planting, septic systems and taxation.  In a 2006 article, Rick Kwissa offered two versions of the origin of "The Belle"  One was  a turn-of-the-Century steamer that plied the lake between Carleton Place and Innisville.  The other was Rick's dog, Belle. 

Under the stewardship of Ed Carew, The Mississippi Belle became a full-colour magazine with more articles, more authors and more advertisers.  In 2015, we increased the circulation to 3,000 copies.  It was hand-delivered, on the May long weekend, to 1,200 residences around the lake, the majority of which are now year-round homes.  Roughly 1.800 copies were distributed across the Carleton Place-Beckwith area through our advertisers, at the Carleton Place Home Show and the Bridge Street Bazaar, professional offices, libraries and retailers.

In 2017, the Mississippi Belle made the transition from a printed magazine to a digital publication, which resides within the MLA web site. Instead of a once-a-year edition, the new digital Belle will be constantly updated and refreshed with new content, throughout the year.  Instead of 3,000 copies, the Belle will have unlimited distribution, accessible by computer, tablet and smart phone, anywhere in the world.

Back issues of the Belle, from 2004 through 2016 are archived on this web site and can be accessed through the table below. 


Mississippi Belle Archive

Click on the year to download a complete PDF copy.


 200 Years "Up at the Lake"
 Love Your lake is Coming to the Mississippi
 People, Aquatic Plants and Healthy Lakes
2015  Mississippi Lake Plan: Executive Summary     
 Blue-Green Algae
 Plain Talk About Flooding on the Mississippi
2014  Mississippi Lake Survey Results
 History of the MLA
 Loon Rescue
2013  Mississippi Lake Plan: We need your help!
 The Big Storm
 Mississippi River Cleanup
2012  The Transition of Gardiner Shore
 The Mississippi River in a Changing Climate
 Trumpeter Swans; They're Back
2011  Migratory Waterfowl
 Do We Need a Lake Plan?
 Taking Care of the Lake
2010  Almonte Generating Station
 Dave Willoughby Remembered
 Mississippi Ice Fishing
2009  Swans on the Mississippi
 History of Lake Park Lodge
 Harvesting Ice
2008  A Portrait of our Lake
 Steamboats on the Mississippi
 What Lives in the Lake?
2007  Climate Change and the Mississippi
 Property Assessment
 Mississippi River Water Management Plan
2006  Miss LA
 Mississippi Lake Watershed Watch Program
 Urban Forest/River Corridor Advisory
2005  Lanark Village Water and Sewage Project
 WRAFT: Update on Fair Taxation
 Hazard Marker Buoys
2004  MLA Web Site Launched
 Weeds, Weeds, Weeds
 Shoreline Visits; Sustainable Watersheds

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