Calling all Volunteers:

The MLA needs your help.  Whether you can spare just a few hours or many hours, this is your opportunity to meet your lake neighbors, participate in an important project and increase your knowledge of the lake and our environment.  Here are the current volunteer requirements:



Environment Committee:


Term of Activity


Time Commitment

Join the Environment Committee

If you are interested in maintaining high water quality to sustain a healthy natural environment, supporting the use & enjoyment by residents & visitors and to maintain  a healthy & diverse ecosystem, including a healthy fishery please consider joining the Environment Committee.


Year Round

Attend Environment Committee meetings:
(Approximately eight  2-hour sessions per year)

  32 - 60 Hours per Year

Environment Committee Pages on the MLA Web Site

If you are interested in helping to maintain the Environment Section on the MLA Website, please contact the Environment Committee.


Year Round

As required

  20 - 40 Hours per year

Loon Survey - Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists

Led by Cliff Bennett and Rick Erskine and assisted by MLA volunters, the MVFN conducts annual Loon Surveys on Lake Mississippi.  You can help by recording loon observations or providing boat transportation for MVFN volunteers. Contact Cliff Bennett: with your loon observations. Contact Rick Erskine: if you can supply and operate your boat for a couple of hours in these months.

  June, July, August   Optional

Invasive Plant Inventory Project

We intend to conduct a periodic inventory of Invasive Aquatic Plants in Mississippi Lake.  Following that, we will consider possible projects to remove or eradicate various species. If you would like to help with this initiative, please contact the Environment Committee.




Fish & Wildlife-Related Actions from the Lake Plan

At present we do not have any one working on these Actions. If you are interested in the Fish and Wildlife on Mississippi Lake and would like to help on the recommended Lake Plan Actions, please contact the Environment Committee.

   To be determined    


Boating & Recreation Committee


Term of Activity


Time Commitment

Buoy Spotter:
Live on the lake shore or the river, within sight of one or more buoys, during buoy deployment season. Report Buoys missing or moved.

Spotters needed in the channel:

  • From Lake Park to Highway 7 Bridge
  • From Highway 7 Bridge to Bridge Street
  May to October   Observe and report, as required.
Boating Ambassador: (Minimum of three required)
Be an active boater on Mississippi Lake and be familiar with all public launch points.  Be prepared to engage other boaters, provide hazard marker maps, copies of the Mississippi Belle, coordinates for our web site and Facebook page and brochures on boating safety and code of conduct.
   May to October   Whenever you are on the water
Reports to the Chair, Boating and Recreation Committee.    

Are you interested in volunteering for the Boating and Recreation Committee?

Contact Dave Duncan, the Boating and Recreation Committee Chair, at:


Communications Committee

If you enjoy creating visual content, attending events and talking to people about the lake or working with our advertisers, we'd love to hear from you.
Please contact the Commmunications Committee.


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