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Septic Savvy Workshop 2018 - Septic Inspections

Author:     Anne Gourlay-Langlois, MLA Director

A properly functioning sewage system is an integral part of a healthy lake and safe drinking water supply.   Check out what what we learned at the Septic Savvy Workshop. 

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Ticks and Lyme Disease

Author:     Dr. Paula Stewart, Medical Officer

Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit

Now that Summer is finally here, these nasty creatures will be out, and could ruin your day.  Find out about the Bug, the Bite, and What to do!

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Off Muffler

Author:     courtesy of the Big Rideau Lake Association

Boats are only allowed to operate off muffler if they are more than 5 nautical miles from shore, and that’s just not possible on Mississippi Lake.   The very loud noise can be highly disruptive to other boaters, residents, and wildlife.  Find out what to do if you witness a loud boat on the lake.

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Watch out for Turtles !

Author:     Doreen Donald

It's turtle hatching season and you will see plenty of activity on the roads and fields as the young ones hatch and make their way to wetlands.  WATCH OUT for them on the roads, and even help them along if you can.
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