17 Oct 16
Drought conditions are deepening - we're still in a Level III / Severe status, and the outlook is not good.  Have a very careful read of the latest MVCA Statement Low Water Update #7 issued 17 Oct 16
16 Oct 16
You are invited to attend the 2016 Lake Links Workshop on 22 Oct 16.  View details at the Watersheds Canada website.
14 Oct 16
A suspected BLUE-GREEN ALGAE bloom, first posted 8 Oct 16, has been Confirmed. Thankfully, this time the toxin levels were well below the acceptable exposure limits.  Please read the Health Unit Note, dated 7 Oct 16, and go to the BULLETIN BOARD for more information
11 Oct 16
Hazard Marker Buoys have been removed from the Lake. The buoys will be refurbished over the Winter and will be re-deployed in May 2017.
9 Oct 16
Inflatable life raft found - view the BULLETIN BOARD for details

We Love Our Lake!


We share the lake with thousands of fish, birds, and aquatic plants which depend on clean water for survival. Clean, healthy water is essential for us also: for swimming; for water sports; and for everyone who depends on the lake as a source of drinking water. The Mississippi Lakes Association is dedicated to the care and protection of more than 55 Kms of shoreline as a healthy place to live, work and play.

MLA Lake Stewardship Projects: 2015 - 2016

In May of 2015 the Mississippi Lake Plan was released, identifying 66 actions to be undertaken with respect to water quality and the lake.

 Mississippi Lake Plan

Mississippi Lake Plan

Love Your Lake, a shoreline assessment and voluntary remediation program will be launched in 2016, as part of the Mississippi Lake Plan.

Love Your Lake Program

Love Your Lake

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